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PARIS, TEXAS                           3 October 2010

Dick arrived in Paris, Texas, in the early afternoon on Thursday, September 30th.  The drive from Waco, via I-35, I-30, and US 24, was peaceful.  The morning was cool, bright, and relaxing.  Very little traffic…  Paris TX is not Paris, France, but it has an Eiffel Tower, theirs with a giant cowboy hat atop its mast.  This can only happen in Texas.

Figaro, Elizabeth's gelding, at Lyday Farm rodeo

Dick with Elizabeth's stallion, Burak


Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas

"My visit with the Knizleys (Elizabeth, Andrew, Lillian, Lincoln, the horses, dogs, cats, and now a bird) has been full of wonderful farm, horse, and dog adventures.  The high-light of the visit, however, was the rodeo at the Lyday Farm, which took place yesterday.  We loaded up the horse trailer in the morning with Cameo and Figaro, Arab mare and gelding, and drove to the town of Honey Grove down HWY 82.  We arrived at the farm early and unloaded horses, gear, people, and chairs into a shady spot.  People from all over began rolling in with their horse trailers.  Our hosts were Gary and Sandra Fernandes, owners of the farm, and Bryan and Melinda Jeffries, trainers and managers.  The venue had demonstrations of riding Arabian style, barrel racing, clowning, carrying eggs with spoons contest by tots, showing the farm’s stallions, mares, and foals.  My special interest events were of young Lillian and Lola riding Cameo and Whisper, and Elizabeth riding side-saddle in a long deep blue taffeta and crinoline skirt, white blouse, and a Victoria beaver hat with blue net veil.  Elizabeth suddenly morphed into Lady Ann, the English lady and granddaughter of Lord Byron, who first introduced Arabian horses to the English gentry.  Elizabeth and Lily were absolutely gorgeous.  There was food, music and maybe as many as 100 guests at the event.  We left late and got home late… but we still had horses to unload, 8 horses to feed and water, before the final rest.  This morning was bright and sunny once more, with horses to feed, the trailer to muck out, and gear to unload.   This afternoon is quiet, emails sent, fossil photos to sort and label, and this submission to the web site."

Elizabeth Knizley, ridding side-saddle, at Lyday

Lilli Knizley, in ring, at Lyday Farm rodeo

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